November 1, 2018



Hand in Hand

Psalm 139:5 “ You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.”




October is here!  We are ready for Fall, a new season of fresh air and spectacular leaves.

This season finds me launching a business (Peony Market), turning 55, and experiencing many other changes within our family.  Garment of  Praise will become "Beauty in All Forms"-  merging into my new website, peonymarket.co this November.  Join me today for my last post in GarmentofPraise.co with great anticipation for my online store, home gatherings and blog within peonymarket.co, coming soon!



Just as leaves change colors every year, we are made to be in a constant pattern of change as well.  If we aren’t changing, then we are not becoming the person we were created to be.  Change has to happen. It begins walking hand in hand with our Savior who cares, giving us grace that we need daily.



This fall I cling to Jesus- hand in hand as I share with you the unveiling of Peony Market.  The picture of Mike's and my hands was in my first post in Garment of Praise, Redeeming Love. This photo is the imagery of the redeeming love we have with our Savior.  God gave me an unbelievable spouse who exhibited God's redeeming love at the onset of our journey together. To hear our story, please go back and read my first blog, Redeeming Love.  



Today, I share with you the Redeeming Love God has for us as we walk hand in hand with Jesus in all our ways. I love the word "unveiling" because it is in my life verse.  Because of Jesus, we no longer have to hide behind the veil.  We are free to enter His throne room room everyday.  



2 Cor 3:18- “ And we all, with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same Image from one degree of glory to another.  For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”




Becoming like Christ, we must abide in the vine like the leaves that move through their life cycle..  budding- turning green- changing colors- dying- repeating the cycle. All through the process the leaf is attached to the vine… gaining nourishishment .. then the process of dying, and then the tree budding new leaves again.  In our lives, too, we go through seasons. We must constantly die to ourselves, remaining attached to vine to gain substance.  We can learn so much by watching the changes in nature. God's Divine nature is always beautiful and teaches us life lessons..



The word of God is most important because it teaches us about the Creator.  God created us and the world....  The creation is the art of the Master Artist.  That is why we are so drawn to His beauty.. Since the fall of man, God had a plan to redeem us back to Him through His Son.  We continue to sin, always falling, always needing a rescuer.  In Isaiah 61, where I first dreamt of Peony Market, God had a plan to restore Israel.  As I journaled the next morning of Isaiah 61, I knew these lovely words of restoring beauty from ashes could be my inspiration to curate beautiful products for Women, Children and their homes.  It took a long time for this dream to come to fruition.  But it is being birthed this Fall season.   It is a colorful leaf, or the bloom of a peony coming to life!  I have been gathering products that will encourage women to embrace their unique beauty. First, taking care of themselves, knowing their worth and creating an atmosphere of beauty at home. Then, taking that inviting aroma to the world around them. 



Peonies have always been my favorite flower, reminding me of of what you would see in your grandmother’s garden.  Peony means “beauty in all forms”.  A unique flower from China with various colors and shapes.  Women as well as men, if we are believers in Jesus, are the bride of Christ. We are preparing now to meet our bridegroom, Jesus.  As we prepare for that glorious day, we are to help one another by bringing love, gentleness and kindness to those around us. Women, we were created to be His delicate bloom. It is not a bloom or leaf without uniqueness, strength and or tenacity.  We have been given such gifts, so don’t hide them.




Most importantly, walking hand in hand with our Savior, we will display his beauty by giving away His love and grace… my verse this season is:



Psalm 139:5 “ You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.”




Being filled daily with His word, feeding our minds with truth, replacing false beliefs with His words. - Then Women, we have the opportunity to take care of others by nourishing our loved ones; husbands, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, coworkers, everyone else.. blessing them with kindness through words and deeds.



Peony Market will be a gatherings for women, offering beautiful products for the home, women and children- We will sponsor events hosted seasonally at homes and possibly other venues.  We will have an online store offering gifts.  I will share thoughts on my blog that is merging into peonymarket.co,  thoughts of “beauty in all forms.”




My desire for starting garment of praise almost two years ago was to encourage women in all walks of life offering a fragrant aroma giving words for women to hold onto.   Now, Peony Market will be a place to encourage women through monthly blogs as well as providing products and seasonal gatherings to attend. The three words that anchor Peony Market are Grace, Honor and Strength.



We have been given Grace through Jesus, a gift we did not earn, to then go Honor others by giving Grace and love to those around us, being Strengthened daily through the reading God's word, prayer, weekly exercise, and healthy eating. 



My heart is for God to hem me and walk with me hand in hand in this new venture of Peony Market-

May it be a platform to bring Glory to God, Encourage Women- with Grace, Honor and Strength

Like a Peony- Beauty in All Forms-




Our website is peonymarket.co. (Coming soon!) The website offers wonderful products for women, children and your home.  My blog, Beauty In All Forms, will be included within the site.  Please follow us on instagram and facebook @peony.market to be inspired and to stay up to date on the unique products of beauty we find! 


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