Walking by Faith

July 25, 2018




Many years ago, while sleeping, I dreamed about the scripture Isaiah 61.  The phrases in Isaiah that stood out were:


•Annointed me to bring the good news to the poor..


•Bind up the broken hearted..


•Proclaim liberty to the the captives..


•To comfort all who mourn.. 


•To give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes..


•Oil of gladness instead of mourning..


•Garment of Praise instead of mourning.. 


•A faint spirit that they may be called oaks of righteousness..



The scripture spoke to me in a powerful way; I journaled and began dreaming over the years how God wanted this scripture to play out in my life.



The first step was to launch, Garment of Praise, a blog to inspire and encourage women in all walks of life.  Bekah, my middle daughter, had left to go on AIM- Adventure in Missions a world race to eleven different countries.  Her fortitude to set off on such an incredible journey gave me courage to begin writing and trusting God for words to share to women. I love nature photography. The beauty teaches me of Gods’ majesty and redemption.  Through His divine nature, I am inspired to write words to hopefully encourage women to know of God’s love and to place their trust and value in Him alone.  






A couple of weeks ago, Rachel, my oldest daughter, and I took a mother/daughter trip to Canon Beach, Oregon. One morning we asked a waiter at our inn if he knew of any hikes he would recommend in the area.  He shared his favorite trail. He let us know that the trail was not well groomed, but at the end of the trail was his favorite view in Oregon.  So, we were up for the adventure! It was a trail off the beaten path, but we were excited excited to see the beauty he described..  the wind blowing through the tall foliage and the majestic view of the Pacific Ocean.




The trail we walked is like the journey I am beginning as I prepare to launch my new business venture, Peony Market. I will walk through tall overgrown grass and thorn bushes, but will see glimpses of God’s beauty- the wildflowers were like glimpses of what Peony Market will look like.  This business venture is based on Isaiah 61 and  2 Cor. 2:15.  The business will launch in October. As it gets closer to October, I will reveal more and more of what Peony Market entails. Peony means, beauty in all forms, a Chinese flower that reminds us of a flower we would see in our grandmother’s garden.  

Well, that is me.. I am a "Mimi." And, I do grow Peonies in my garden!  Their blooms are made of individual petals creating a beautiful full bloom. As I was sharing about Peony Market to Bekah and her  mother in law, Bekah said, “Mama, when you say Pe-o-ny Market it sounds like p and e.” Which is so neat because I sometimes refer to my granddaughters as p and e (Penelope and Eleonora).  As  I curate Peony Market with all the thorns and bushes that I must walk through, (just like Rachel and I did on the trail walk) I will arrive at the end of the trail's dirt path with the gorgeous view in full site.











We all have our dreams. We have to keep the picture of our dream in our minds and know the dream and desire were given to us by God.  We can’t lose focus on the trail, but must remind ourselves we can journey the trail less traveled because God will direct our steps.  We just have to trust and believe.  Walking with Jesus is believeng He has equipped us for his workmanship. He has gifted me and you to live out our dreams.  He will guide us, but we must step out and try!  We will never know what we are missing if we aren’t brave.  We have the opportunity to make the world better by using our God given gifts pursing our dreams and desires.  




Here I go.. I will be launching Peony Market this fall.  I have a vision of what I want it to look like.. Rachel and I had a vision of what our waiter described, but it didn’t even compare to the real thing.. We walked down the path to what the locals in Oregon call, "God’s thumb."  What a cool name.. God’s thumb.  His thumbprint was definitely on it.  The vista was one of the prettiest scenes I have ever seen!  It was breathtaking  The wind did whip around us and the ocean's waves crashed against the rocks.  The varying hues of blue shone as the sun’s rays hit the water.  We would have never seen this view if we didn’t take the risk of walking the trail less traveled.



















Just remember, there are trails specifically assigned to us. Therefore, seek God as you have special dreams and desires.. He will move you at the right time to pursue them.  I will keep in my mind and heart the view we witnessed of the Oregon Coast and the majestic Pacific.  I know their will be the thistles and bushes on my journey, but it will be worth it!  I will remember the view.. it was breathtaking, just as it will be seeing our dreams and desires to fruition. Our dream ventured will be a view that is breathtaking and our joy will overflow because we are in our passion and pursuing God. 




"For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. " Ephesians 2:8-10



I would love to hear about  your dreams and desires and we can pray with one another as we journey on our different trials. 








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