Wintry Wonders

March 3, 2018


Woodstock, Vermont



Vermont's Landscape is picturesque.  I am so thrilled to be here right now.. A wintry scene brings joy, giddiness actually, serene peace to my soul... adventure for my husband and I to

explore...  And that is what we did these past two days!  The people of Vermont seem to live very simply. The residents we have met are quite lovely and content. The stillness of the air quiets my soul.  Mike and I had the opportunity to head out this morning to snowshoe... I didn't really know what to expect.. I pictured big wooden frames with a net in between...actually, the shoes were much more modern and easy to wear..  We explored the woods, saw the shadows of sunlight beaming in between the trees, a squirrel hustling about and tracks of, well, we weren't too sure.. hopefully a family dog and not a bob cat or something bigger.. we tracked on and enjoyed the serene beauty.





God is after all the Creator of the rivers, streams, trees and snow... Winter season helps quiet our soul...and right now my heart is heavy as our partner in business for 18 years is having surgery.. we know God is in control.. but we don't know that everything is going to be alright.. we trust our God with Mike's good friend and are hopeful for the best outcome..we walk and continue on our adventure resting in His peace in this beauty.  





For me, the winter season is both cozy and magical.  Winter draws family together both inside and outside.  Inside with fires, puzzles, reading, games and yummy hearty soups.  Lots of fun outside, activities in nature like skiing, snow boarding or iceskating, and for us, this time snowshoeing...   





The quiet moments of winter are  what I treasure the most though... the stillness of a good book in front of a fire, or like today the snowshoeing in the woods... our souls need the quiet to hear God speak softly to us and to sense His closeness.  We don't want to miss what our Creator God whispers, or the peace in the quiet that fill us.  God desires to commune with His children.  He created us in His image, giving us His nature . Why do we ever look to others, or even to His creation, to fulfill us. God is the Creator of both nature and humanity. God is over the universe.  He desires to know his most precious creation.. you.. me.. Listen and pray to hear Him..Even His creation groans for God's future glory..  this world will have we journey. We experience both joys and sorrows.. we must take time to be filled with God's  love, words and power to rejoice with those rejoicing and weep with those that are hurting. If we don't take time to know God and walk with His spirit.. we have nothing to give away..




He delights in you and me.. It is in the quiet of the woods or the stillness of your home we hear Him.  This trip to Vermont in the wintry wonders brings me closer to God..  I look around and see all He has made and the uniqueness of  each season..Who but God could make all the seasons so incredibly different and beautiful?




This picture of a blanket of snow reminds me of God's love for you and me...

Jesus died on the cross forgiving all our sins... All of them.. past, present and future...



"Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool."  Isaiah 1:18



We have a God that loves us so much that He died for us.. Believe, Jesus, God's son, and providing forgiveness for our sins.. He is faithful to forgive all our sins making our sins white as snow..  Knowing this gift.. of freedom.. and a future in Heaven.. Live with an Eternal perspective on this beautiful Earth which he has given us to care for..



Enjoy the last few weeks of winter... Encounter and worship the Creator...   

Embrace your relationships... Empower your spiritual gifts and strengths....


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