Beauty In All Forms

May 17, 2017



Gardens are full of beautiful blooms with various colors and shapes. In all of the seasons, we

see that God loves beauty.  After all, he is the Creator of the world designing beauty all around us.



In this season of Spring, we get to plant all kinds of beautiful flowers.  Each of these gorgeous flowers makes an array of color.  As you design your garden, you purposely place flowers that coordinate and work well with one another.   God has designed us like a beautiful flower, unique with personality and giftedness to work well in the garden where you are planted.



 An Alter of Roses Peony  photo by Sharon Moye



My favorite flower is a Peony - which means “beauty in all forms”.  The bloom has so many layers and intricate petals. This native flower to China has attributes that I desire to embrace.  The beauty of the peony is all the petals which make a gorgeous bloom.  A peony is uniquely made.  Just like us, we are designed skillfully by God and gifted with various talents and skills.  We are like no other; just like flowers, there isn’t an exact bloom the same.



“We are the clay; you are the potter; we are to all the work of your hand.”

Isaiah 64:8



“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:10



It is an honor to be created by God, made in His image.  We should embrace our giftedness and do our best to use our gifts to honor God.  It takes all the various blooms of the flowers to make a garden beautiful.  Knowing your God given personality and talents will equip you to be your best.  We are all beautiful in the eyes of God, gifted to bloom beautiful blossoms. 



There are various means to identify your giftedness.  Some of these tests are Myers Briggs, Spiritual Gifts, Right Path, Enneagram and many more.  Personally, I have taken the Myers Briggs and Right Path, but I am also planning to take the other tests in the near future.  Once we know our gifts, we know our talents for future jobs/volunteer opportunities.  For example, if we are entrepreneurial, we bring to the table the talents needed to make a successful business. 



Together, our gifts make a beautiful garden in whatever environment we work in.   This knowledge of our unique personalities and giftedness equip us to be good contributors to our families, serving well in church and in the workplace.



Knowing who God created you to be is like a gardener watering her flowers, clipping off the dead blooms, getting the proper sunshine and nutrients.  Once we know our giftedness and personality type, we can further learn how to relate to others more effectively.  



Master gardeners know what plants to plant in the background, what to plant in the middle, and what plants work well in the front of the garden.  All the flowers work together- “beauty in all forms”.  Once we know our personalities and talents, we can continue to grow in who we are.  Consistently, weeding out our jealousy or feelings of inadequacy with our gifts.  Embracing our gifts truly honors God; freeing us to do our valuable part in His world. 



My gifts are loving and encouraging others and networking.  I naturally love sharing Jesus, exhorting and teaching others, too.  I enjoy beautiful aromas and making others feel welcome.  My prayer and desire is to be an old fashioned peony with an attractive fragrance.



I want to know people like the layers of a peony; I love engaging with others and learning their stories.  Along with “beauty in all forms,” peony also means romance, happy marriage, honor and compassion.  These are all exceptional attributes that I would love to embrace and own as I follow Jesus.  Knowing my gifts and seeking God in prayer, worship and His word daily, equips me to know myself better and how God views me.



“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.”  Psalm 139:14



God makes each us important for His purposes.  Embrace your gifts and be a beautiful flower in the world that God created us to thrive in!



What flower are you?



Have a great week and be diligent knowing who you are gifted to be.  I have included the links to the Myers Briggs and  Right Path tests.


Festiva Maxima Peony photo by Sharon Moye


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