What is the Greatest Gift to give Jesus and Others?

December 22, 2016

Presents under our tree    Photo by  Sharon Moye





Some of us are all prepared for Christmas -  gifts bought and wrapped, groceries purchased and goodies made.  While others, like myself are running on adrenaline, trying to secure the last perfect gift, planning the menu, running to the grocery store, and baking some of our families’ favorite goodies.  Whether you fit into the first or latter category it doesn’t really matter.  It will all get done and no one will ever know what wasn’t accomplished.  But one gift that will be known is our love for Jesus.  We can give His love away this Christmas season and throughout the year.





 Beautiful rose in Israel    Photo by Sharon Moye








God’s two greatest commandments for His children are:





“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with your soul and with all your mind.  This the great and first commandment.  And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  Matthew 22: 37-39



This Christmas is a beautiful time for us to give His love away radically.  Many of us have lost loved ones; there is loneliness, family members that don’t believe in Jesus or neighbors that we need to reach out to more.  Whatever the case, we are to love others with a sincere love that wells up inside of us because of God’s great love.  The Father gave His Only Son so that we may know His love and take it to the World as His disciples.





We have the opportunity to love big this Christmas.  So, begin by kneeling before our Holy God and crying out to Him.  As we go before Him, lets ask Him to pour down His love, asking for forgiveness for our selfishness and seeking to be radical with our love this Christmas.





It all begins with humility, laying down all our concerns at His feet.  We have a High Priest that understands our losses, difficulties and concerns this Christmas.  He came humbly into the World to show us what serving in humility looks like.  Jesus became flesh, a humble servant to give us the perfect example that pleases Him.



One of Jesus’ last acts of service was to wash His disciples’ feet.  At the last supper Jesus served his disciples by breaking bread with them.  This is a beautiful scene for us to embrace. Loving well all those God brings around us. – Serving, loving and enjoying fellowship with one another.





After the last supper, Jesus obeyed His Father unto death on a cross, in order that we might have that same kind of fellowship and communion with God. The disciples, having witnessed His death, would forever have the scene of Jesus washing their feet and partaking bread and wine together.  They knew perfect love with the Savior.  Now, it was up to them to carry the love and message of the gospel to the Gentiles-Us.  Those that hear the gospel and believe in Christ are grafted into the chosen race-the Jews – those that put their faith in Him. 




Now, the job of carrying the gospel to the world has been given to us.  We are to make Jesus known.  In His word, He tells us to share His love and make disciples.




However, without love it is a clanging symbol.  We can’t share the truth of the gospel without genuine love; otherwise the gospel is not believable.  This is an important truth to consider as we enter into Christmas and the New Year.





Let our love be genuine and with a sincere heart.  Abide in His word, lifting our hands in worship, giving God our praise and letting His love fill every crevice of our being…

Letting go and Letting His love, grace and mercy fill us,…..…





Replacing loneliness with connection to Jesus

`Abiding in Him`

Taking our concerns to Jesus and letting Jesus carry them

Replacing fear with His Peace

Converting sadness into JOY





The Lord led me to this song this morning -

"Let His Praise Ever Be On Our Lips-- "




As I go back to thinking what I wanted this blog to be about from Isaiah 61….  God cares for His people-  Always wanting to restore His people, clothing them in righteousness and making His children beautiful from ashes.   


So, lets praise Him, “Your Praise Ever Be On My Lips”


Sing to Him, being filled with the Holy Spirit to the point of Overflowing…..so others will know Him.



Remember what this season of Christmas is truly about…  Jesus



What is the greatest gift we can give Jesus?



Love Jesus and Others



                   Last Christmas, little Penelope embracing the Greatest Gift Jesus- Love






























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