Seasons within Seasons

October 26, 2016



There is no better way to decompress and find restoration in our souls than in God’s creation.  As each season changes into a new form of beauty, we can as well be transformed by God into His likeness. Fall is breathtaking with the beautiful array of colors.  At the end of this gorgeous season, leaves begin to fall preparing the tree for the next season.  We, like the tree, can display beautiful colors by living with our souls fully alive.   During this fall season, we have an opportunity to take time to care for our souls.  However, we must be intentional to retreat to a place where we can hear and listen to God as well as enjoy soul time with those we love.  .  God can reveal our soul’s craving and heal us. 





"...And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him."  II Cor.3:18





The trials of the Sourwood Inn, Asheville NC       Photo by Sharon Moye




I think it is so important to be intentional to take care of your soul.  Taking care of your soul is finding rest in God, retreating quietly, grazing, spiritual breathing, rejoicing in all God’s goodness and discovering parts of you that need care and healing..   Quietness reveals the condition of our soul..




Mike and I travel to Asheville each year to a beautiful retreat, Sourwood Inn.  It truly is a hidden gem that we have enjoyed for at least fifteen years.  We have taken an annual trip to Asheville for twenty six years.  I get giddy every fall to go and retreat to find soul time with God.   This year in Asheville my soul was awakened with quiet times with God in his beauty and my soul was filled with love and laughter with Mike and special friends.  Our weekend was filled with fellowship around a fire, visiting a local brewery or two, shopping in the unique stores of Asheville, walking the trails of the Sourwood Inn, taking pictures of God’s beauty of colors and visiting the Grove Park Inn with its beautiful vista of the mountains of western North Carolina.




 Sourwood Inn        Photo by Sharon Moye




The time away in God’s beauty truly feeds and awakens my soul to be more fully Alive.  As I had time to reflect, read and listen, I realized I had some areas where God revealed important changes I needed.  God replaced unhealthy emotions with the truth of His word in my soul.  My soul is awakened again, shedding changes just like the fall leaves.  The leaves bring change to the tree for the next season.  My changes are preparing me for the next season as well.  


I experienced a broken capillary in my eye possibly due to the physical internal stress I was feeling.  I count it all joy because I want to always be transforming into His beauty.  Even if the eye injury wasn’t caused by the internal emotions, it was a physical reminder of my need for God.  It gave me a chance to be still and let God search my soul.  The day was spent praying, walking, reading His word, confessing and celebrating!  The soul search reminded me of who I am in Him and the constant changes that need to always occur to be fully alive..





Awake my soul.. Awake my soul..






 The pond on the trails of the Sourwood Inn     Photo by Sharon Moye




We can’t just push our soul’s cravings and cares to the side.  Otherwise, we are not fully alive to ourselves, others and most importantly God.  God wants to nurture our soul by giving us His creation to enjoy, friends to laugh with, and His word to renew and revive us so that we can give glory to God and enjoy Him forever.




Take care of your soul by retreating in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and let God Awaken your Soul…becoming the transformed man or woman He desires for you..  We should be shedding and blooming all through life’s seasons…





Leaves falling.. Shedding to bring abundant life... Photo by Sharon Moye 




Thanks for reading today’s blog.   I would love to hear your thoughts and ways God is transforming you in the season of Fall!!



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