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August 10, 2016



As some of you know from my last blog, Mike and I spent the last week in Nicaragua with Bekah’s E-squad.  Bekah’s World Race team is in month eight of their eleven month mission trip around the world!! Mike and I had the opportunity to work alongside their team this past week.  We met Bekah at the hostel we would be staying at before our journey to Ometepe Island for our mission time with the group. I was beginning to experience just a touch of what Bekah has been doing on this race! Early the next morning we boarded a ferry to Ometepe Island.



Bekah and I had a great time catching up on the journey to Ometepe.




On the island, we stayed at Cicrin, a Christian center for Nicaraguan children. After a beautiful night of worship on Lake Nicaragua, we began our ministry the next morning.

                 Ometepe Island                                                                  photo by  Sharon Moye    



Our group hopped in a van that transported us to the local town for a prayer walk. We huddled around and prayed for the Lord to lead us to those He wanted us to talk to that afternoon. The Lord led us left down the street; our hearts seeking to give God’s love and healing away.  As we walked, the Lord led us to Flora. She was a beautiful older lady breaking sticks in her backyard for firewood. Flora, a grandmother, was suffering from extreme pain in her knees.  We asked Flora if we could pray for her and she said yes.

We laid hands on her and began asking God for healing. God heard our prayers and gave Flora less pain in her knees. We were in awe of God’s mercy and love towards Flora.



We continued our prayer walk, turning left again. We approached a home where I felt God leading us to stop and a build a relationship with an elder man on his front porch.

              Grandfather's home                                                      photo by Sharon Moye




After talking with him awhile, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that God was going to use this family for ministry to the community around them. This sweet man invited us into his home. His entire family lived on the property behind his home. Family members began bringing chairs into the small home for us to gather around and share conversation. Before long, we were praying with the family. There were four generations living on that small plot

of land!



Nancy, the granddaughter of the elder gentleman, who I refer to as the Patriarch of their family, was a former cook at Cicrin, the Christian center where we were staying! Nancy had been praying for seven years for someone from Cicrin to come and help the family with their needs. After spending time with Nancy and the family, we learned that she needed water in her small hut, and she needed her roof repaired.



God began answering her prayers by allowing our team to be His hands and feet! We began to meet her needs by buying supplies to provide a waterline to her home.

 Picture of before the trench was made for the waterline                Photo by  Sharon Moye



We dug a trench for a waterline to Nancy’s hut. We then installed a water line with a faucet in Nancy’s kitchen and shower in her bathroom. Our team worked so hard. The racers, members

of Nancy’s family, dads, moms and a handyman from Cicrin pulled together to install the waterline.  E-squad will continue to work and care for Nancy’s family this month while in Nicaragua.  This week they will install Nancy’s new roof!


God is so good!


       Mike and Bekah working in tandem                                             photo by Sharon Moye




        Waterline to Nancy's home                                                      photo by Sharon Moye




My time in Cicrin with Bekah and her World Race team was incredible. The parents heard the racers share about their journey these past 7 months. We worshipped together each evening under an open pavilion with the breeze of Lake Nicaragua. The Holy Spirit moving and breathing through all of us was beautiful! Praying with Bekah and her friend Taylor with Flora and Nancy’s grandmother was powerful. God heard his children pray and answered our cry for healing and meeting the needs of these beautiful women on Ometepe Island.




Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

                         Mark 11:24 



              Last day on Ometepe Island with Bekah



I am encouraged after being with the World Racers to continue  my

journey stronger, believing in the power of Jesus.. Bekah and the other

racers have been so strong physically, moving from place to place in the

world. I am so impressed!! God has carried them through health and sick-

ness. Now, as they look to the next three full months, my prayer is that

they continue to seek God, looking for where God is working and jump in!!

Believing that God will lead them by His Spirit to where he is working.


“For all who are led by the Spirt of God are sons of God.”  Romans 8:14



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