The Bride and Bridegroom

June 1, 2016


This past Memorial Day weekend, Mike and I had the opportunity to witness our son’s best friend’s wedding.  Mike and I know Will well because he was Michael’s roommate for three years at Samford University.  Mike, Michael and I, along with Will, his dad and his brother, journeyed to Kenya together on a mission trip the summer of 2012.  It was a beautiful time sharing Jesus’ love and growing together spiritually. We will never forget our time in Kenya with the Cavanaughs serving Christ!


Like Michael, Will has been nurtured with God’s word and and love from his family.  Will was prepared to meet his bride, Melissa.  Will is a leader and has a sincere love for Jesus.  While there in the beautiful countryside of Austin, Texas, we spent time with the bride’s family as well as Will’s family. It was a special time of fellowship. 



                                                                                                                                     photo by Sharon Moye



It was evident through interacting with Melissa’s family she had been raised with godly values.  Her parents raised her in a vibrant church with a great youth program.  The message the head pastor preaches on Sunday is taught the following week by the youth pastor to youth of the church.  The parents then have the opportunity to discuss the topic with their children.   Melissa had a great foundation with loving parents, family, friends and church that helped prepare her to be a godly bride for her bridegroom, Will.


The wedding ceremony was a great reminder that Christ, our Bridegroom, will return for us, the Church, his Bride. For followers of Jesus, a Christ centered wedding is a beautiful picture of God’s amazing love for us! 


Wedding in Georgetown, Austin                                                                           photo by Sharon Moye


I want to be so ready for my Bridegroom. What does that look like for me?  Well, for me, it means loving others well.  Asking God for opportunities during the day to share his love..  It means forgiving quickly, knowing Christ forgave me quickly.  God didn’t have to think about it.. No, I am not perfect in any of these areas, but the key is to be quicker and quicker to move towards love.  Love is always the right choice.. 


Pastor Danny who performed the wedding ceremony shared:


Love is an Attitude

Love is an Action

Love is an Apology


It is the moment to moment, daily things that prepare us to meet our Bridegroom.  I want to be quicker in embracing these three A’s and being the person God desires me to be in my home with my husband, first, then to all who those I encounter during the day.  


Mike and I have recently moved as I have shared in the previous blogs.  I am going to have new opportunities in my community, church, workout facility and all the places I go to serve and give away love.  


My two words for 2016 are serve and sincerity.  I was drawn to a verse during one of my quiet times that describes these two words:


“Now therefore fear the Lord and serve Him in

Sincerity and Faithfulness.”     Joshua 24:14


In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, The Bridegroom came for the Virgins for the Marriage feast. Five virgins were prepared and had oil in their lamps, while the other five virgins were at the store buying oil for their lamps.  The five without the oil were not ready for their Bridegroom unlike the other five that were prepared and ready.  We do not know the hour Jesus will return; I don’t want to be unprepared.  



 Wildflowers in Austin, Texas                                                                                    Photo by Sharon Moye




“And the disciples were filled with joy

and the Holy Spirit.” Acts 13:52


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