Love The Sheep In Your Pasture

May 18, 2016


My daughter, Bekah, departed in January to go on the World Race through Adventures in


Missions. She began a journey that would forever change her life. She is on my heart more


than ever this week as we celebrate her 26 th birthday. Thank goodness for WhatsApp and FB


Messenger. These tools have allowed us to stay closely in touch with one another!!


One of Bekah’s favorite Bible verses as a child was;


“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned – every one - to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” Isaiah 53:6-8


Cibolo Creek, Texas                                                                                           photo by Sharon Moye



Every day, we should remember the cross and be grateful for what Christ


did for us. Jesus came to save His lost sheep and bring us back into the


fold.  In the parable of the lost sheep found in the book of Matthew, Jesus says


to His disciples,


“What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hill and go look for the one that wandered off?”


Jesus’ parable of the Shepherd taking care of the sheep is describing Jesus, the True


Shepherd taking care of us.  Bekah is out on the field loving God’s sheep in Cambodia right


now. I am so very proud of what Bekah is doing for the Kingdom of God. Her works are not


wood, hay and stumble. As I shared in my blog last week, there are two things that last in this


world- The word of God and Relationships. She and the other racers on the World Race are


sharing the love of God and the Gospel of Grace to many sheep in His pastures all over the




 Bekah in a village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia                                                             



We all have our own opportunities in our pastures to share the good news of Jesus. We are


His workers in the Harvest.  Jesus said to his disciples;


“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”


                              Matthew 9:37


As we go about our day, let’s ask God to lead us to the people He desires for us to share the


good news.  Bekah and her squad are living in conditions that are not comfortable and very


hard at times. She is learning to lean into God for everything. As an introvert, Bekah has been


placed out of her comfort zone. She is learning to love people well in a tight community. She 


is living, breathing and serving with others for the sake of the Gospel.  Let’s make our lives


count for the Gospel of Jesus. Daily, Remember the Cross. My pastor, Randy Pope, shares


with his Fold;



”We lost it all. He(Jesus) did it all. We get it all.”



When we remember the cross and what Christ did for us, all of our light momentary afflictions


and concerns of this world seem to fade away and be put in the right perspective.  We 


become grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice and what he did for us!  He died for us that we won’t live


without Him. We gain Eternity!! It does not get better than that. We remember what is most 


 important and get ignited to share the gift of Jesus in a world that needs the hope of the 





Run the race joyfully unto the Lord

Bekah running the Peachtree Jr. in Atlanta 



Check out the World Race online at .. They are doing amazing things.



Bekah's Team- E Squad Route




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